Shape a recognised and respected sport

Certification helps shape FX Ultra into a sport that is recognised and respected. Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes in practice and competition. As a new sport built on a strong foundation of strength and conditioning principles, we are developing professional FX Ultra certification that is both industry accredited and harmonised with other professional sporting certifications.

Professional Qualifications

In 2021 we will be launching three professional standards to grow the sport globally to a consistenly-high standard and ensure athlete safety. These standards will be aligned and harmonised with industry standards to enable recognition for prior learning.

  • FX Ultra Assessor
  • FX Ultra Performance Coach Elite
  • FX Ultra Performance Coach

BAWF, CrossFit and Elite Athletes

Professional coaches, BAWF, CrossFit and elite athletes with an existing strength and conditioning qualification (included branded fitness regimen e.g. CrossFit Level 1) are particularly encouraged to apply for prior learning exemptions. More details will be released in 2021.

Shape a recognised and respected sport.

Recognition of Prior Learning

We value prior learning and encourage experienced athletes and coaches to apply for certification based on current experience and certification. As we develop our full list of accepted accreditation, applications will be assessed on an individual basis.