About ISFX

Create a new Olympic sport

ISFX is the international sports federation responsible for administering FX Ultra at a world level, including the FX World Games and international FX Ultra Jara Cup League. We were created in June 2020 as a first step in the process to making FX Ultra an Olympic sport. We partner with governmental and non-governmental organisations to ensure FX Ultra remains clean, accessible and inclusive at all levels of the sport.


FX Ultra is an ultra-endurance multisport that combines 5 of the toughest Olympic sports into 1: running (sprint & ultra), swimming (sprint & ultra), boxing, lifting and gymnastics. FX Ultra athletes compete in a mixed-gender multi-stage event (Trail, Ring, Arena), as individuals or in teams, and the winner is determined by the combined performance overall. FX Ultra is a grassroots and inclusive modern-day sport where stages and distances can be tailored to suit different levels of ability.


We believe FX Ultra has all the makings of a modern Olympic sport – compelling athleticism and global popularity. Like skateboarding, surfing and BMX freestyle, our purpose is to legitimise FX Ultra as a sport and achieve Olympic status.


Our brand mark symbolises the training intensity and commitment athletes make in preparation for competition. Our motto, ‘Compete against yourself first’, recognises the power of personal progression and the ultimate goal in practice to achieve your full potential.

FX Ultra World Games

Winning the the FX Ultra World Games is the ultimate accolade for any FX Ultra athlete and FX Ultra team. The FX Ultra World Games are held only once every two years. The inaugural FX Ultra World Games is rescheduled for 2021.

FX Ultra Jara Cup League

The FX Ultra Jara Cup League is the annual international FX Ultra league for athletes of all abilities. It is used to seed players in competition to ensure early rounds are fair and balanced. The 2020 league is postponed to 2021.


Humorous Workout of the Day (WODs) are published daily by ISFX on Instagram @isfxorg

ISFX is the international sports federation for FX Ultra.


FX Ultra is a community-based sport and we are committed to maintain that inclusivity as it advances to Olympic status. We encourage all FX Ultra athletes, businesses, brands and fans to get involved in shaping the values, standards and management of the sport. – all ISFX members have a voice.

As a new international sports federation we are presently in the process of creating our Governance Handbook. In accordance with our Articles of Association, the first draft will be ready for review within 90 days of incorporation (this has been delayed due to COVID).