Make FX an Olympic sport.

ISFX is the global sports organisation for FX. We’re on a mission to make FX an Olympic sport. You can help.

FX is the ultimate test of fitness, strength and agility.

FX is the competitive sport of functional fitness. It combines 5 of the toughest Olympic sports to create the Ultimate Athlete.

FX can be practiced by anyone, anwhere. It’s 100% grassroots and people all around the world are practicing FX anywhere they can – in basements, industrial units, gyms and car parks. 

Inclusive and suitable for people of all abilities, FX has a community vibe that is universal.


You don’t have to compete to enjoy FX, but sportsmanship is the defining quality of an FX athlete and there’s no better place to show this off than in FX Games. There are two levels of FX Games.

  • FX Sans – without combat sports
  • FX Olympic – with combat sports

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The Big 5.

FX combines 5 of the toughest Olympic sports into 1.

*Athletes who choose not to participate in combat sports can practice ‘FX Sans’. Athletes who choose to participate in combat sports can practice ‘FX Olympic’. Scroll down for more details.

FX World Games 2021.

Winning the The FX World Games is the ultimate accolade for any FX athlete and FX team. The FX World Games are held only once every two years. Due to the current global climate, we have taken the decision to move the inaugural FX World Games to November 2021.

The international ISFX Jara Cup League will begin November 2020.

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FX Games.

Compelling athleticism for FX athletes and fans.

FX Sans.

Without combat sports.

FX Olympic.

With combat sports.

Make your own FX Games.

Free licensing rights for all members... get game making!

FX Games for everyone.

We want you to own the sport you love. Our FX Games structure makes it easy for game makers to create events that appeal to the many and the few.

How to make your own FX Games:

  1. Choose your level ‘Sans’ or ‘Olympic’
  2. Customise your components
  3. Play!


The athlete or team with the most points at the end of all stages will be declared the FX Games winner.

Only 8 competitors advance to the finals. Places are awarded to the top 8 competitors with the highest cumulative points from the qualifying stages. Points are awarded in the same way as the qualification stage and added to make the final overal score. In the event of a tie, the fastest final Arena finisher wins.

All competitors complete three (FX Olympic) or two (FX Sans) stages. Points are awarded based on performance as follows:

  • Trail & Arena: individual events are completed for time. The top 10 fastest finishing times per individual event will be awarded points from 10 – 1 in ascending order (e.g. 10 points to first place, 9 points to second place… 1 point to 10th place).
  • Ring: 10 points to the winner, 9-7 points to the loser (in accordance with England Boxing Rules, page 33).

Free licensing rights for members.

ISFX members (athletes and gyms) are authorised to create and promote ‘FX Games’ and use the terms ‘FX’ and ‘FX Games’ in the title of their business and/or event without paying a licensing fee. Only ISFX is permitted to legally use and promote the ‘FX World Games’ and ‘ISFX Jara Cup League’.

FX Games structure.

For events to be recognised as ‘FX Games’ they must follow the approved games structure explained here.

FX Olympic and FX Sans. 4 indiviual events.

  • Run: sprint distance and endurance distance
  • Swim: sprint distance and endurance distance

FX Olympic only.

  • Boxing: up to 3 rounds up to 3 minutes each

FX Olympic and FX Sans.

  • Mixed: a sequential course of 6 stations to showcase all-round athleticsim – strength, power and agility. Includes 3 mandatory stations: snatch, clean and jerk, still rings.

FX Olympic and FX Sans.

  • The top 8 competitors with the most cumulative points advance to the final stage. The final is a repeat of the Arena stage.

FX Games Classics.

Customise and modify to suit your individual ability and surroundings.

ORIG. 20

FX Sans: Trail + Arena
FX Olympic
: Trail + Ring + Arena

01. Sprint run: 100m
02. Endurance run: 100km fell run
03. Sprint swim: 100m
04. Endurance swim: 10km open water

05. Boxing: 3 rounds of 3 minutes each

06. Mixed
       06.01 Clean and jerk x 20 (60% CW)
       06.02 Handstand walk 100m
       06.03 Overhead squat x 20 (60% CW)
       06.04 Muscle-up x 20
       06.05 Snatch x 20 (60% CW)
       06.06 Iron Cross 5 secs

CW: Complete weight, includes prosthetics, wheelchair, etc. when used in competition.


FX Sans: Trail + Arena
FX Olympic
: Trail + Ring + Arena

01. Sprint run: 100m
02. Endurance run: 5km
03. Sprint swim: 50m
04. Endurance swim: 750m

05. Boxing: 2 rounds of 2 minutes each

06. Mixed Set
       06.01 Wallball x 10 (6kg)
       06.02 Double-under x 10
       06.03 Clean and jerk x 10 (25kg)
       06.04 Burpee x 10
       06.05 Toe to rings x 10
       06.06 Snatch x 10 (25kg)

Stay clean.

ISFX has zero tolerance to doping.

Champions only compete with themselves. When you dope, you’re cheating yourself and other athletes. ISFX operates zero tolerance to doping at all levels of the sport.


ISFX has in place a set of anti-doping rules that all athletes, coaches and athlete support personnel must abide by. The anti-doping rules for ISFX are consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code, which governs anti-doping internationally. If you are a member of ISFX, the anti-doping rules apply to you regardless of what level of the sport you participate at.

ISFX Anti-doping Rules.

The anti-doping rules of ISFX are the UK Anti-doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping. These rules are revised from time-to-time. ISFX members are responsible for staying up-to-date with any changes:

Join the global sports organisation for FX.

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About ISFX.

We are the international sports federation for FX.

ISFX is the international sports federation responsible for administering FX at a world level, including the FX World Games and international ISFX Jara Cup League. We were created in June 2020 as a first step in the process to making FX an Olympic sport. We partner with governmental and non-governmental organisations to ensure FX remains clean, accessible and inclusive at all levels of the sport.


We believe FX has all the makings of a modern Olympic sport – compelling athleticism and global popularity. Like skateboarding, surfing and BMX freestyle, our purpose is to legitimise FX as a sport and achieve Olympic status.


Our brand mark, Icelandic rune symbol ‘Jara’ (harvest), symbolises the training intensity and commitment athletes make in preparation for competition. Our motto, ‘Compete against yourself first’, recognises the personal progression and practice of the sport.

FX World Games.

Winning the The FX World Games is the ultimate accolade for any FX athlete and FX team. The FX World Games are held only once every two years. The inaugural FX World Games is rescheduled for November 2021.

ISFX Jara Cup League.

The ISFX Jara Cup League is the annual international FX league for athletes of all abilities. It is used to seed players in competition to ensure early rounds are fair and balanced. The league runs from November to July.


Humorous Workout of the Day (WODs) are published daily by ISFX on Instagram @isfxorg

FX is a 100% grassroots sport.

FX is the ultimate strength and conditioning sport designed to be enjoyed anywhere by people of all abilities (intelligence and physical). Many of the moves are functional and can be performed based on the individual needs of each FX athlete.

The big 5.

FX combines 5 of the toughest Olympic sports into 1. These sports are: lifting, gymnastics, boxing, running and swimming.

FX in competition.

You do not have to compete to enjoy FX, but sportsmanship is the defining quality of FX athletes and there’s no better place to show this off than in competition. Where possible we prefer FX Games to be mixed ability. There are two categories of FX Games: Olympic and Sans.

  • FX Olympic: triple-stage event includes combat sports (trail + ring + arena)
  • FX Sans: duo-stage stage event excludes combat sports (trail + arena)


FX is a community-based sport and we are committed to maintain that inclusivity as it advances to Olympic status. We encourage all FX athletes, businesses, brands and fans to get involved in shaping the values, standards and management of the sport. – all ISFX members have a voice.

As a new international sports federation we are presently in the process of creating our Governance Handbook. In accordance with our Articles of Association, the first draft will be ready for review within 90 days of incorporation (i.e. before Thursday, 17 September).

Strength and Conditioning encompasses the entire physical development of the athlete and what is required to allow them to be the best physical version of themselves.

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