FX Ultra is an ultra-endurance multisport that combines running, swimming, boxing, lifting and gymnastics.

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FX Ultra Athletes compete in a mixed-gender multi-stage event (Trail, Ring, Arena), as individuals or in teams, and the winner is determined by the combined performance overall. FX Ultra is a grassroots and inclusive modern-day sport where stages and distances can be tailored to suit different levels of ability.

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We're on a mission to make FX Ultra an Olympic sport. You can help.


Certification helps shape FX Ultra into a sport that is recognised and respected. As a new sport built on a strong foundation of strength and conditioning principles we need coaches to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes in practice and competition.

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Ultra Athletes wanted! The first step in turning the training you love into an Olympic sport is to play the game in 55 countries. FX Ultra can be practiced as an individual or team sport, all events are mixed-gender and where possible we prefer FX Ultra Games to be mixed ability.

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Fans and supporters are vital to help make FX Ultra an appealing sport to be considered for Olympic status. We need you to get talking about FX Ultra – on social, at work, wherever you can! Choose from a range of supporter tees, totes and hoodies if you’d like to promote the sport even more.

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The big 5

FX Ultra combines 5 of the toughest Olympic sports into 1.


Sprint + Ultra


Sprint + Ultra




Make your own FX Ultra Games

Free licensing rights for all members... get game making!

We want you to own the sport you love. Our FX Ultra Games structure makes it easy for game makers to create events that appeal to the many and the few.

Game Structure

Stage 1: Trail

Run & Swim

Stage 2: Ring


Stage 3: Arena

Lift & Gym

Stay Clean

ISFX has zero tolerance to doping.

Champions only compete with themselves. When you dope, you cheat yourself and other athletes. ISFX operates zero tolerance to doping at all levels of the sport.

Anti-doping Rules


ISFX has in place a set of anti-doping rules that all athletes, coaches and athlete support personnel must abide by. The anti-doping rules for ISFX are consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code, which governs anti-doping internationally. If you are a member of ISFX, the anti-doping rules apply to you regardless of what level of the sport you participate at.

ISFX Anti-doping Rules

The anti-doping rules of ISFX are the UK Anti-doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping. These rules are revised from time-to-time. ISFX members are responsible for staying up-to-date with any changes: www.ukad.org.uk/anti-doping-rules


Join today and forever hold the status ‘Founding Member’.

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The first step to make FX Ultra an Olympic sport is to prove that there are FX Ultra Athletes in at least 55 countries. You can help by registering as a coach, athlete or supporter. Join today and forever hold the title of ‘Founding Member’.

BAWF, CrossFit, Elite Athlete

We want to help you turn the training you love into an Olympic sport. Your skill, discipline and athlete mentality is crucial to the sport’s success. Bring your leadership to inspire future generations and write yourself into FX Ultra history as a Founding Member.

For a limited period, membership is free for all BAWF, CrossFit and elite athletes.

Member Benefits

  • Chance to create a new Olympic sport
  • Lifetime ‘Founder Member’ status
  • Permission to use ISFX logo
  • Inclusion in FX Ultra Jara Cup League
  • Authority to create, host and compete in FX Ultra Games
  • Free licensing to name and promote FX Ultra Games

5 Icons

Celebrate the 5 iconic Olympic sports that make you an FX Ultra Athlete and spread the word with these everyday tees, hoodies and totes for adults and kids. All products in this range are printed using low-waste printing tech. #planetfriendly

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